Additional Purchase Payment Kit

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ProductPurchase Payment WindowMinimum Amount
American Freedom Aspire 5Life of contract$2,000
American Freedom Aspire 7Life of contract$2,000
American Freedom Liberty 3First 60 days$2,000
American Freedom Liberty 5First year$2,000
American Freedom Liberty 6First 60 days$2,000
American Freedom Liberty 7First 10 years$2,000
American Freedom Liberty 8First year$2,000
AssuranceSelect 3 PlusFirst 60 days$2,000
AssuranceSelect 5First year$2,000
AssuranceSelect 7First 10 years$2,000
AssuranceSelect 5 PlusFirst year$2,000
AssuranceSelect 7 PlusFirst 10 years$2,000
Index Frontier 5First 60 days$10,000
Index Frontier 5 ProFirst 60 days$10,000
Index Frontier 7First 60 days$10,000
Index Frontier 7 ProFirst 60 days$10,000
Index Summit 6First 60 days$10,000
Index Summit 6 ProFirst 60 days$10,000
Index Protector 5First 60 days$25,000

For products not listed above please contact a Relationship Manager at 888-504-7109 option 2 or New Business at 888-504-7109 option 3 for verification.